Getting Closer...

I'm one day closer to releasing my next record... Stay tuned! Drew

The music you've beenn waiting for- New EP in the works...

Ever since I started this journey in 1991 I've been writing and creating songs, melodies, and songs. After doing through hundreds of demos my team and I have narrowed it down to 9. This includes two new songs I recently wrote as well.   I'll be sure and post videos and updates to all my social media sites. AS for the tile of this new body of work... I will not be posting that until it's done.  Are you curious? Trust me you're going to love it!



In The Studio...

I love this time when I'm creating new music... I'm working with Cedric Givens again. This proved great on EAST MOON. Where we're going next is a new story though. And I know you'll be pleasantly surprised with the new sound I'm creating too. It's really not new to me because it's the record I've always wanted to record. I'll be condensing 25 years down to an EP.

Thank you... We SOLD OUT Blues Alley!

A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to my show at Blues Alley. My new band and I had a great time performing. We filmed the event and I'll be posting video of this ASAP. It's being edited as we speak. One of the highlights for me was the addition of violin to my live show. Look for us on the road soon. Drew


EAST MOON has been entered in the 59th Grammy Awards



The last 30 days have been amazing. When you write a song you never know how and when it will touch someone. They're like children. You create them, nurture them, and then you launch them out into the world to make their mark. I still remember the first time I spoke with Cedric on the phone and we made a date to get dinner together. I think we knew right away we were destined to write and record music together in some form.  

What I love about EAST MOON is how organic the recording process was. This process allowed for each musician to fully express them selves. I've been in sessions where everything is mapped out and you paint by numbers. For some songs those kinds of sessions work really well. You might have a producer that has a very specific vision for the song. However, in the case of EAST MOON the organic recording process allowed for harmonies and sub-melodies to be created that both Cedric and I were not thinking of at the time we wrote it. Oh... and the actual writing of the main melody and arrangement/structure came out in about 10 minutes.  

Next we released EAST MOON to radio and it started climbing up the charts. We took this as confirmation that we were onto something. As Cedric Givens would say, "proof of concept." All that's great and at some level once you've been on the radio you sort of expect to be on the radio. At least at some level. We knew we had a nice composition. Lot's of people/friends wrote us to tell us how much they liked our new single. But when the Grammy community chimes in that's a whole different deal. These are people who live in studios. Many of the members have been writing, recording, and producing music for over 20 years.

In late September we tossed our hat in the ring for Grammy. We officially entered EAST MOON in the 59th Grammy Awards! I have to say this has been an amazing experience so far. We received a lot of votes in the first round. All the voting is dome with a high level of integrity. Members vote only on the quality of a song. I must say I heard so many great recordings this year and I want to personally wish the best of luck to anyone who submitted music.

I'll be sure and keep everyone posted when the nominations come out on how EAST MOON did in the first round. After 5 nominations in each category are picked there will be one more final round of voting. We're expecting BIG things in the next few weeks. Time to hit the studio and start creating the next masterpiece. So many new songs to write.

Thank you all for your love and support. I hope to see you on the road...


EAST MOON keeps climbing the charts...

This week EAST MOON climbed a few more notches on the radio-wave chart moving up to #19. Thanks again to all the radio stations, podcasters and fans who support my music. By the way I'll be performing with Lindsey Webster Dec 18 for "Smooth and Funky Christmas 2" with Big New York and the SMOOTH JAZZ ALL STARS at Bethesda Blues & Jazz. GET TICKETS HERE




EAST MOON jumped to #15

We are still climbing. This week East Moon is #15 on the Groove Jazz Chart. Thank you to everyone who is supporting my new single. I's say we're in some good company... Look for more tour dates coming soon;. Next up is Blues Alley on November 30th... 


All I can say is wow and thank you. Thank you to all the radio stations that have been showing EAST MOON so much love. Last week we debuted on the Groove Jazz Music Radio Chart at #22. Here's a LINK to see the chart. It's truly a blessing to be on the chart with so many wonderful artists like my new discovery Lindsey Webster. She is an amazing jazz/R&B vocalist. 

We are continuing to book more shows and I'm very excites to debut my new band at BLUES ALLEY on November 30. Hope to see you there. D


East Moon hits radio this September...

I'm so excited to be sharing this new music with you. East Moon is an incredible composition that features 9 awesome musicians from around the globe. Here's how I would describe East Moon. It's a cross between George Benson, Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheny, and Seawind... I recently was turned onto the band Seawind. And this is all inside of a slamming groove with a masterfully crafted hook. East Moon is the first of many creations we're taking to radio inside our commitment to write, record, and deliver quality compositions at the highest level. Music that moves you! Produced with my good friend and drummer Cedric Givens I'm so proud of this magical masterpiece... Launching mid September to radio stations near you!


"One of a Kind"

Here's a new tune called "One of A Kind" I recorded with Cedric Givens. It's a throwback to Wes Montgomery. We cut a vocal version as well. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine. Next up we will be releasing EAST MOON. #dreweastmoon The release date is September 12. If you are a radio station, pod-caster, or internet site we want to be sure you have all my music including the latest. Please contact us. Stay tuned!!